Are you considering buying refurbished medical equipment for your doctor’s office, hospital, surgical center, or other medical facility? Here are four things to consider¬†as you shop around:

  1. Pricing. On average, refurbished medical equipment costs between 30 and 70 percent less than brand new. If you’re looking to upgrade your devices but don’t want to break the bank, refurbished might be the way to go.
  2. Likes and dislikes. As with any type of purchase, you need to determine what will work best for you and your practice. Think about the equipment and devices you’re currently using. Make a note of what you like and dislike about each piece. You’ll also want to consider any advances in technology that have occurred since you last purchased a device. Are there improvements in design or technology that you definitely want to take advantage of? Keep those things in mind as you begin the process of selecting a replacement.
  3. Warranties. Consider how long you’ll want the devices to last. Then ask about any warranties that are offered.¬†Determine what you’re willing to accept before making a final decision.
  4. Prioritize. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to think about which purchases are most important. Your office may have the ability to buy whatever you need without question. But others may need to carefully plan when and what to buy. Evaluate the condition of your current equipment. Then weigh your needs versus your cash flow.

Now that you’ve done this bit of homework, it’s time to buy. The best way to get the right refurbished medical equipment for your practice is to work with a specialized company like US Medical Systems. From surgical instruments to endoscopes, we’ll help you find what you need. After the sale, our biomedical repair services will keep everything in good working condition for years to come. For service throughout the Southeastern US, call the Fort Mill, SC office of USMS at (877) 503-9773.