Advances in medical equipment have transformed the way physicians and surgeons care for their patients. Some of the biggest advances have come in the specialty area of medical imaging equipment. But with those advances come hefty price tags. Of course, you want the best possible diagnostic tools for your patients. However, you also need to make sure your costs are manageable for your practice or facility. That’s when refurbished imaging equipment can really come in handy. Here at US Medical Systems, we believe that refurbished medical equipment is an option many healthcare providers should consider. We’d like to share the following four reasons why refurbished imaging equipment is your best choice.

  1. Lower costs. This is the primary reason why most practices consider buying refurbished. You can save around half the costs of new equipment.
  2. Guarantees. Buying used medical imaging equipment from a reputable company like USMS typically comes with some type of guarantee or warranty. There’s no risk involved, only savings.
  3. Records. The medical and surgical equipment company who sells you the ultrasound, X-ray, radiology, fluroscopy, or other imaging devices may have detailed records on the machine. Moving forward, the company who provides your biomedical repair services should do the same.
  4. Easy to service. US Medical Systems gives you the very best service and repairs available for all types of imaging equipment. We’ll keep these advanced machines working exactly as they should so you can provide excellent care for your patients.
  5. The latest advances. Buying refurbished means you can upgrade your imaging equipment more frequently. You’ll have the latest technology, giving you the edge when it comes to accurately diagnosing your patients’ conditions.
  6. Good selection. You might think that all used medical imaging equipment is out of date. Surprisingly, there’s usually a good supply of most machines and devices. Working with a large provider like US Medical Systems increases your chances of finding exactly what you need.

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