What do hospitals look for in a biomedical repair services provider? While the services they’re looking for are often quite complex, the answer is in fact quite simple. A great service contract is a key element of any proposal. As an experienced and trusted provider of biomedical repair services, US Medical Systems wants to highlight several of the most important elements of a service contract.

Any type of medical equipment, be it a surgical table or a ventilator, needs periodic check-ups. Occasionally, equipment will also need repairs or part replacement. Many devices require calibration and testing. Preventive maintenance is the first essential part of a service contract. Although a reduction in maintenance requirements is a growing trend, manufacturers still have recommended schedules that need to be followed to ensure smooth and safe operation of this equipment. Technical inspections and instrumental control by qualified professionals at regular intervals will help prevent potential malfunctions and reduce the hospital’s biomedical repair costs.

Nevertheless, even the most reliable equipment may fail. Corrective maintenance is the core element of any service contract. There are generally three types of corrective maintenance: minor, medium, and major repair. While the first two types can be covered on-site, major repair usually requires sending the device to a biomedical depot for extensive service. There’s one vital aspect to focus on in this case: Temporarily removing a device from operation shouldn’t disrupt the hospital’s work. Repairs must be done in a timely manner and an estimate of reasonable repair times should be included in the contract. A biomedical repair services provider should keep an adequate stock of spare parts or be able to ensure quick part replacement turnaround time. Availability of loaner equipment is another great option to consider.

Medical facilities are under ever-increasing pressure to comply with growing regulatory requirements. A service contract offering document management and reporting is a life-saver. Service companies can manage your quality control documentation, ensure traceability and keep track of your maintenance, inspection, and repair histories. Reporting is also a great tool for cost-effective asset management. It can help you see your actual expenses and plan your service budget accordingly.

US Medical Systems checks off all these boxes (and more) as a biomedical repair services provider. Give our Fort Mill, SC office a call to learn more about our comprehensive medical device service programs.