Last month, we told you about the benefits of on-site biomedical repair services. Today we’d like to talk about the people who bring these services to you: the biomedical equipment technicians.

According to a 2015 article in the Chicago Tribune, the field of medical equipment repair is expected to grow by over 20 percent in less than a decade. This figure includes the specialty areas of surgical instrument repair, flexible scope repair, and refurbished medical equipment.

Why is such an increase projected? As we all know, the American population is aging. That means more people are requiring more healthcare services. At the same time, medical technology is continually evolving. The development of advanced equipment is a bonus for hospitals and patients alike. Hospitals and diagnostic clinics can handle a larger number of procedures and get more accurate results, while patients undergo less invasive procedures with reduced recovery times.

However, the downside of any technology is that it will eventually need some sort of maintenance or repairs. When that technology is being used in an area as critical as healthcare, those repairs must be made as quickly and accurately as possible. That’s where biomedical equipment technicians come in.

These technicians must complete advanced training on a variety of equipment types. From telemetry to endoscopes to microscopes, repairs must be made with precision. In many cases, a millimeter or less can make the difference between accurate and inaccurate readings.

With such high standards, any type of biomedical repair services can be stressful. However, those who work in the field take great pride and satisfaction in what they do. They enjoy being able to help doctors, nurses, and diagnostic technicians do their jobs efficiently. Plus, they know that their work means patients are receiving the best care possible.

Every biomedical repair services technician we hire at USMS has the experience and knowledge required to test, inspect, refurbish, calibrate, and troubleshoot all types of clinical equipment. Every employee is professional, has good communication skills, and will deliver the results you need for your hospital, clinic, or practice. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment for service.

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