Patient safety is the number one concern with any medical procedure. This is especially true with endoscopic procedures. USMS uses the latest technology for endoscopy maintenance to make sure that your endoscopes are ready for use and capable of delivering the high-quality images you need.

According to the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, “[a]ny facility in which gastrointestinal endoscopy is performed must have an effective quality assurance program in place to ensure that endoscopes are reprocessed properly. Quality assurance programs for endoscopy must include…systems that assure availability of appropriate equipment and supplies at all times, and strict procedures for reporting possible problems.” Our endoscopy maintenance programs will help you meet this standard.

Our Endo-View System allows us to examine the inside of an endoscope. In layman’s terms, it’s an endoscopy for an endoscope. We take digital images of the biopsy channel and identify problems before they present themselves in the surgical suite. We also examine the angulation, insertion tube, and bending rubber. All of the results are delivered to you in the Endo-View Preventative Maintenance Report. The report also lists upcoming cleanings and other maintenance procedures, as well as our recommendations for further service. We always keep copies of your reports in our archives so you’re never left wondering about when endoscopy maintenance is needed.

Your procedures and any resulting diagnoses are only as good as the images you see. That’s why it’s critical to test image quality on a routine basis. We use EndoBenchXTB™ for this purpose. Using software in conjunction with a mechanical testing system minimizes the risk of human error in spotting quality control issues. Benchmarks are established by testing new scopes. These benchmarks are entered into a proprietary database, which currently contains information on over 250 scopes. A major benefit of using EndoBenchXTB™ is the ability to standardize communication between the manufacturer, third parties (like USMS), and hospitals or surgical centers. Everyone will be on the same page, greatly improving patient care and procedure quality.

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