Surgical instruments are carefully chosen for precision, accuracy, and performance. You rely on your instruments—and your patients rely on you. That’s why so many hospitals and surgical centers trust German surgical instruments. And while these instruments are made to last, it’s critical to routinely inspect them to make sure they’re in the best possible condition. It’s often more cost effective for hospitals and surgical centers to maintain and repair their current equipment rather than replacing it altogether. That’s where a company like USMS comes in. Our goal is to keep your practice or facility running as smoothly as possible through preventive maintenance on all of your medical devices. One way we achieve this goal is by providing high-quality German surgical instrument repair services onsite.

Our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of surgical instrument repair. They’re able to inspect, repair, and refurbish instruments from top German manufacturers like Storz and Aesculap. Our services include alignment, reinsulating handles and shafts, replacing inserts, sharpening. We’ll replace parts as needed and will even etch the service date (where applicable). We provide same day pickup and a free, no obligation evaluation of your instruments.

One feature of our surgical instrument repair service is the detailed reporting you’ll receive. We prepare quality inspection reports and a monthly repair history repair report for many types of instruments. This helps you keep track of what our technicians found in their inspections, how they corrected any problems, and when the repairs were completed. Costs are also tracked. We’ll also log the details of our final inspection that happens after repairs are made. Plus, we’ll provide annual reports so you can track costs, plan budgets, and see your exact expenses for each type of instrument. Above all, you’ll feel confident that your instruments and equipment will work just as you need them to.

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