Surgical instruments play a vital role in your ability to care for your patients. While surgical instrument repair services are critical, there are also some important steps you can take within your hospital, surgical facility, or doctor’s office to ensure the safety and accuracy of the procedures you provide. As experts in U.S. medical equipment and repairs, we’d like to offer you the following advice on ways to improve surgical instrument care in your practice.

First, pay particular attention to the instruments as you’re using them. Don’t use them (or their parts) for anything other than their intended purpose. For example, a physician may put unintended pressure on the lens of an endoscope. This can cause the lenses inside the endoscope to go out of line.

Next, make sure all instruments are cleaned immediately. Obviously, you put a very high priority on cleanliness and sanitation. But time is of the essence. Don’t give blood and other matter time to dry on the surface. Make sure that any instrument is wiped down as soon as it’s used so that it’s fully prepared for┬ásterilization.

As you’re cleaning, make sure you’re using the proper solutions. Pay attention to manufacturers’ guidelines and adhere to them at all times. Instruments that should be cleaned with non-corrosives should never be put in bleach or saline. These can cause corrosion if used improperly, leading to more frequent surgical instrument repairs.

Finally, assess the transport procedures at your facility. Take steps to guarantee that more fragile instruments are transported apart from equipment that can cause damage within containers while en route to decontamination.

Good care practices like these are the first steps in keeping your surgical instruments in top condition. It also allows the surgical instrument repair technicians at US Medical Systems to provide the best service possible. Contact us to learn more about our services or about how you can take better care of your instruments every day.