There are many things you must consider when hiring a biomedical repair service provider. One of the most important features offered by any provider of surgical instrument repairs is records management. An efficient recording process will help any hospital, surgical center, doctor’s office, or medical facility track the types of services that were performed on their devices.

At USMS, we offer in-depth reporting and records management for all of our surgical instrument repairs. The process starts with our integrated service reporting tools. We input information on every single instrument we maintain or repair. You’ll get a comprehensive look at a particular instrument’s history of repairs, see how often it was serviced, and get a snapshot of cumulative costs.

How Our Reporting Works

Our team of biomedical repair technicians will produce routine quality inspection reports. These updates allow you to see exactly where repairs were made and be alerted to where potential problems may arise. Our monthly repair history reports detail all the services we’ve provided for your facility. This includes dates of pickup and delivery, serial numbers, description of the instrument and the repairs performed, and the costs involved.

As an added bonus, we give every client access to a live interactive service portal. As soon as our technicians pick up your equipment, they’ll log it into this system. When you log in, you’ll get real time updates on the status of your surgical instrument repairs. You’ll also have access to pricing estimates and all of our tracking and reporting features. You’re able to see all of your relevant information in one convenient place. It’s just one of the many ways the team at US Medical Systems makes things easier for our clients.

If you’re looking for a new provider for your biomedical and surgical instrument repairs, call USMS. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality repairs with the best tracking and reporting features available. Talk to us and you’ll quickly see why we’re one of the Southeast’s premier providers of surgical instrument services.