Surgical procedures have changed a lot in the last 20 to 30 years. Conditions that once required long, invasive surgeries are now done in outpatient surgical centers. In addition to the advanced diagnostic equipment that many physicians and hospitals now use, these procedures are also made possible by a revolution in surgical and operating room instruments. Today’s surgeons use tools that are smaller and more precise than ever before. While these advancements are reducing recovery times and costs, they also come with a trade-off. These instruments require attention from skilled technicians who know how to maintain and repair this type of equipment. That’s why surgical and operating room instrument repairs are such a rapidly growing part of the medical field.

Operating rooms are busier than ever. That means the people who work there are, too. When they need a surgical instrument, they need to be confident that it’s in the best condition possible. Unfortunately, many hospital staffs are stretched thin. There may be seemingly minor issues with a device that go unnoticed. That can lead to an instrument not performing as it should in a very critical situation.

Many hospitals have chosen to outsource their operating instrument repair to vendors like U.S. Medical Systems. Our business revolves around biomedical and surgical instrument repair services. That means we know exactly what to look for. We employ a highly-skilled staff of biomedical repair services technicians who put patient safety first. Our inspection and documentation procedures are airtight, giving you confidence in the job we do. After all, the health and safety of your patients depends on us.

We use a variety of systems to track maintenance on all of our operating room instrument repairs. We’ll help you create a plan for inspecting and repairing the tools you rely on so that your OR or surgical suite will stay up and running. Best of all, many of our services are available on-site.

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