Have you ever seen an understaffed in-house biomedical team that’s desperately trying to manage multiple OEM service contracts at the same time? Trying to keep track of all the warranty periods, preventive maintenance schedules, software updates, corrective actions, and service bulletins can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, this is not at all uncommon in hospitals, surgical centers, and other medical facilities. Even the most efficient service departments can be paralyzed by multiple tasks. As medical facilities look to optimize their budgets without compromising the quality of patient care, outsourcing biomedical repair services can be a literal lifesaver. Striking the right balance between managing the installed equipment base, improving the hospital’s infrastructure, and keeping expenditures under control is not an easy job. That’s why healthcare organizations can benefit from working with a strong strategic partner like US Medical Systems.

Contracting with a third-party biomedical repair services provider can have a number of advantages.

  1. OEM services are limited to certain product brands and they often regard other biomedical companies as competitors. Independent service centers don’t have to deal with this problem. Their technicians are often trained and certified in servicing equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. They can combine the hospital’s OEM contracts and manage them more efficiently as a single service provider. Comprehensive cross-training gives independent service specialists a unique set of skills.
  2. Service companies have the privilege of focusing solely on their specialization while hospitals have to multitask and allocate funds for different needs. That’s why independent providers can often afford to invest in service and repair with extensive capabilities that comply with the industry’s strict quality assurance standards. They can also invest in the necessary software and IT solutions to help medical facilities with inventory management, recordkeeping, tracking, reporting, and regulatory compliance.
  3. They’re streamlined. Biomedical repair services companies employ versatile, certified, and trained specialists, optimize their work processes, and target their investments. These strategic decisions allow them to provide better, more specialized services to medical facilities.

US Medical Systems wants to be your trusted partner for reducing your equipment management and service expenses. Contact our Fort Mill, SC office to learn more about our biomedical repair services.