Surgical instruments have an impressively long history. Scientists believe that the earliest prototypes of modern instruments and basic surgical techniques originated thousands of years ago. Since then, instruments have been continuously improved upon with new devices being designed to work with breakthroughs in science, technology, and the latest medical practices. The surgical instrument repair specialists at US Medical Systems appreciate the history of this important part of medicine—but we also turn an eye toward the future. Here are some new trends in surgical instruments.

Space technologies continue to find applications in medicine, specifically by enhancing endoscopic vision and providing high-definition 3D images. This will allow wider use of laparoscopic techniques for neurosurgery.

Researchers are developing smart instruments with integrated sensors that can distinguish between different tissue types, including between healthy and cancerous tissue. This technology is intended for use in microsurgical procedures to target specific types of tissue leading to more accurate and effective surgeries.

Multi-modal devices that combine several functions is another trend. This includes endoscopic devices that have an integrated needle, cutting device, and coagulation device, as well as trocars with suturing functions to close internal incisions.

Energy-directed surgical instruments use radio frequency cutting or microwave coagulation for precise local action. These devices are replacing conventional instruments like scalpels or clamps in certain settings.

Advanced devices for securing hemostasis and tissue fixation and repair are being created that reduce the risk of tissue trauma and facilitate the surgeon’s work.

As robotic-assisted surgery makes its way into more operating rooms, new precision instruments are being integrated into robotic systems. The next anticipated step is introduction of surgical bots for microsurgery and diagnostics.

Regardless of whether or not we will be treated by robots in the future, human experience and expertise are invaluable. There will always be a demand for surgical instrument repair companies who can keep pace with the state-of-the-art technologies listed above. USMS provides advanced services for laparoscopic and microsurgery instruments, endoscopes and video equipment. Learn more about our comprehensive surgical instrument service programs by contacting our Fort Mill, SC office today.