Quality and accuracy are two of the cornerstones of our business here at US Medical Systems. These characteristics are important to the rest of the surgical instrument industry, too. Today, we’d like to take you on a trip to a unique place where history and tradition meet cutting-edge science and technology. Tuttlingen is a town in Southwest Germany that has a population of only 35,000 citizens but has become home to one of the world’s most significant medical technology clusters. Believe it or not, this small town’s production makes up 50 percent of the global surgical instrument market. It’s no wonder that Tuttlingen is known as “the world’s surgical instrument capital” and “the heart of the medical industry.”’ Several hundred manufacturing and trading companies are based here, including market leaders like Aesculap, Karl Storz, KLS Martin Group, and Smith & Nephew.

There are several theories on how the town’s surgical instrument industry originated. It’s believed that some of the knowledge was brought from Paris, the heart of 19th century surgical developments. This combined with skills and practices adopted from instrument and cutlery makers working in other parts of Germany. The success of cutlery makers in Solingen was one of the incentives for Tuttlingen to start its own instrument manufacturing companies. Building on its 150-year history of craftsmanship and technical development, today’s Tuttlingen specializes in a variety of surgical products, such as classic instruments, endoscopes, lamps, implants, and devices for minimally invasive surgery. The town’s unique competitive environment encourages innovation and new product development while combining tradition with advanced technologies. On the other hand, internal cooperation and a healthy exchange of ideas help the cluster survive and thrive in the challenging medical device market.

German surgical instruments are a valuable investment for healthcare providers as they are synonymous with exceptional quality, precision, and durability. That’s why professional surgical instrument services are so important for ensuring optimum performance. Accurate surgical instrument repair with adherence to the latest technology will breathe new life into each device and protect its value.

USMS provides high-quality German surgical instrument maintenance and repair services both on-site and at our service facility. Call our Fort Mill, SC office to learn more about our programs.