German Surgical Instrument Repair

Surgical instruments are carefully chosen for precision, accuracy, and performance. You rely on your instruments—and your patients rely on you. That's why so many hospitals and surgical centers trust German surgical instruments. And while these instruments are made to...

Endoscopy Maintenance

Patient safety is the number one concern with any medical procedure. This is especially true with endoscopic procedures. USMS uses the latest technology for endoscopy maintenance to make sure that your endoscopes are ready for use and capable of delivering the...

Preventive Maintenance for Medical Devices

Medical devices are a critical tool for physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. They allow accurate monitoring of patients' health and help doctors perform a number of functions from the OR to the ER. If a piece of this vital equipment goes...

The Benefits of Refurbished Medical Equipment

It's not unusual for patients to complain about the cost of medical care. Like the price of gasoline, some people won't be satisfied no matter how affordable it is! But patients often overlook the fact that costs are increasing for their healthcare providers as well....

USMS West Division

Since 1995, USMS has provided industry-leading support, repair, and refurbishment services for some of the Southeast region's top hospitals and surgical facilities. But we view our work as much more than just medical equipment services and repair. Over the years,...

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