Taking care of your patients is your top priority. Your hospital, surgical facility, or doctor’s office is trusted to provide quality care that helps people feel better and live healthier lives. But your staff is just one vital component of this care. The equipment you use is equally important and it’s extremely critical that it’s properly maintained. The surgical instrument repair specialists at US Medical Systems offer the following three tips for practices considering a partnership with a biomedical repair company like ours:

  1. Crunch the numbers. How much usage do your surgical instruments get? How many patients do you typically see for certain types of procedures? Now calculate the income you’d lose if any of your specialized devices or instruments were out of use. This figure will help you determine the value of biomedical repair services for your facility.
  2. Consider annual service contracts. It’s not enough to simply have a number to call in case a piece of medical equipment goes down. Having a dedicated company on call to help you with surgical instrument repairs whenever you need them is vital to the health of your facility—and the health of your patients. Paying for an annual service contract is the best way to keep your instruments, endoscopy equipment, and other surgical equipment performing at peak condition.
  3. Research surgical instrument repair companies. Finding the right surgical instrument repair company will largely depend on the services you provide. The best partners to work with provide a wide array of biomedical services, including refurbishing, testing, and detailed recordkeeping. On-site services are another important thing to look for before you choose a company to work with.

Contact USMS to learn more about any of the services we offer. Our friendly staff and expert biomedical repair technicians are always happy to answer your questions about our processes and procedures. Let us help you provide the high-quality care your patients deserve!