As technology evolves, so does the software used to power it. Keeping that in mind, it’s not surprising that software upgrades have become the norm in many parts of our everyday lives. But unlike smartphones and other household devices, updating medical equipment software can be a very sensitive procedure. While some safety-related updates are mandatory, others are optional. Although the benefits of these upgrades can include enhanced performance and new features, there are certain risks associated with these technical changes. As a leading biomedical equipment service company, US Medical Systems wants you to know the facts.

With any medical device, patient safety always comes first. This is without a doubt the main thing to consider, so your staff should always be on the lookout for any potential safety alerts or recalls for equipment that require software updates or upgrades. The issues of safety and regulatory compliance go hand-in-hand. According to recent FDA guidelines, some software updates are subject to regulatory approval, so it’s important to make sure that there are no compliance issues associated with a proposed update.

Compatibility and connectivity is another thing to keep in mind. Will your device continue to interface and interact correctly with related equipment or other devices in the network? As emphasized by the latest regulatory guidelines, medical device cybersecurity is becoming critical for the industry. This is especially true for newer and networked devices. It is suggested that systems’ software be kept up-to-date to ensure protection from harmful activities.

But as most of us probably know, software can be a bit unpredictable. New patches are released to fix problems found in older versions. In some cases an update can render your device inoperative if there is no backup and something goes wrong in the process, such as an interruption or a power loss. It’s no wonder that equipment manufacturers often protect access to update procedures by means of service passwords or special tools and devices available only to trained and authorized specialists.

Partnering with an experienced biomedical equipment service company will give your facility confidence in managing software updates. From helping you make informed decisions with confidence to performing the required procedures safely and securely, our trained and certified technicians will handle all your equipment needs so you can devote your focus to patient care and safety. Contact US Medical Systems at our Fort Mill, SC headquarters to learn more about our biomedical repair and preventive maintenance services.