All good things must come to an end. Or do they? When the manufacturer’s warranty runs out on a surgical instrument or other medical equipment, a medical facility is responsible for servicing the device on its own. Granted, an in-house engineering team can deal with some of the repairs and preventive maintenance, but it’s often difficult to get full-fledged servicing without external support. Generally, there are two options for healthcare providers: staying on a post-warranty service contract with the OEM (or their authorized representative) or trusting an independent biomedical repair services provider with your out-of-warranty equipment. In some instances, the manufacturer’s support is the only choice for some highly specialized types of devices. But more often than not, choosing an independent provider will yield equal results at a fraction of the cost.

There are many advantages to choosing an independent biomedical repair services provider. For starters, the quality is equal to that of a manufacturer. That’s because all work is performed to the manufacturer’s standards. You’ll avoid the higher prices and longer turnaround times that often plague the manufacturers. That’s because they typically have complicated corporate procedures or insufficient coverage for a particular territory.

Using a third-party provider like US Medical Systems means you’re choosing a competitively-priced service with manufacturer-certified and trained technicians. You’ll also get a high level of service that larger companies simply can’t provide. Independent biomedical repair services companies tend to provide a more personal approach, quick pick-up and delivery, and reduced turnaround times for the customer.

US Medical Systems has a comprehensive program to meet all of your biomedical repair needs. Our services are available for imaging equipment, medical equipment, surgical instruments, endoscopy equipment, and many other devices commonly used by doctors’ offices, hospitals, and surgical facilities. Contact us to find the right solution for your facility.